Tips on how to improve and maintain your sexual health

A person’s sexual health is critical to their survival. What can I do to make things better?

Sexual health is an important aspect of a person’s life that affects their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sexual and reproductive health should encourage emotional, intellectual, and social development and well-being.

Here are eight things to remember to improve and maintain your sexual health, as well as to have safe and enjoyable sexual experiences:


It’s crucial to find the ideal partner and recognise ourselves as sexual beings and learn to express our erotic side. To feel free and confident, get to know your own body, love it, cherish it, and accept it for what it is.


Communication with your spouse is crucial for establishing preferences, tastes, and limits and learning to do so openly without fear of being judged by the other. When it comes to having great sex, proper communication is essential.

Routine and worry might make it difficult to enjoy yourself. As a result, practising breathing, muscle relaxation, and mindfulness can help control emotions while also increasing sexual desire. Allow yourself to enjoy some alone time and let your imagination run wild.

Sex in a Secure Environment

To practise safe sex, it is necessary to follow a daily intimate hygiene routine that includes using close soap and water (especially after sexual intercourse) and using contraceptive methods such as barrier, hormonal, IUD, and surgical contraception to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. It’s important to understand that reversing is not a contraceptive method, and thus it’s not safe to use.


When it comes to sexual health, issues can arise at any age. Taboos must be broken, and if a health problem arises, it must be addressed as any other ailment. Recognizing and identifying the problem and visiting a doctor is essential for making a diagnosis and finding a remedy. Behavioural, sexological, medication-assisted, and surgical treatments are effective.

Checkups regularly

Taking care of our sexual health also entails consulting with a qualified medical professional. Women should visit their gynaecologist regularly for a comprehensive check-up and cytology to rule out candidiasis, breast cancer, cervical cancer, or sexually transmitted infections. It is also advised that you see a gynaecologist the first time you have sex. Men should see a sexologist in Delhi if they are experiencing discomfort, erectile dysfunction, impotence, or infertility.

Dietary Balance

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) and fibre will supply the needed elements for optimal body functioning and assist in keeping our hormonal system in check. Physical activity will also aid in stress reduction and mental well-being, which will boost libido. Tobacco cessation, physical activity, and creating time for leisure are all healthy behaviours that will improve your sex life.

Information that can be trusted

Because much of what we read on the internet is not necessarily genuine, accredited sexual health and medicine centres are the greatest way to acquire reliable and excellent information. Sexual health is harmed by a lack of knowledge or unverified information about sexuality and our bodies. Self-awareness and psychoeducation promote well-being as well as romantic and sexual development.

Other Suggestions

Exercise regularly

“When we exercise, we will experience an emotional enhancement, and this state of well-being and contentment will undoubtedly raise our libido,” says the doctor. Furthermore, regular exercise will enhance your physical condition, allowing you to spend a longer time in bed.

Swimming is a low-impact workout, according to experts. “It is a sport that can help women develop their pelvic floor tone, which helps deal with sexual dysfunctions including vaginismus and problems reaching orgasms.” It helps men overcome ejaculation control issues and improve their erections.”

Pilates can help you improve your sex life if you don’t have any pelvic floor issues. “If you have them, you must first correct them so that these workouts do not exacerbate the problem.”

Give up smoking.

The medical team cites studies that show cigarette usage hurts erectile function. “Tobacco impairs blood flow in the penis, hastening the arteries’ premature ageing.”

Maintain a healthy diet.

“Men who consume a diet heavy in saturated fat have a 38 percent reduction in sperm concentration in ejaculation and a 41 percent reduction in sperm fluid.”

Do not engage in high-risk activities.

Multiple variables influence sexual health. “Use of contraceptive techniques, which help prevent sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, is one of the most crucial,” says the sexologist.

According to the sexologist, careless use of sexuality causes health problems, pain, and personal and social imbalance.

Remember this if you’re married:

STIs don’t care if you’re a homosexual, a woman, a young man, a bisexual, a tall heterosexual, or anything else. Everyone can touch.
A condom is the only way to avoid STIs.

Contraception should be used.

Casado advises learning about all contraceptive techniques, including barrier (mechanical or chemical), hormonal, IUD, and surgical options. It expressly states that reversing is not a technique of contraception.

Techniques for emotional self-control should be practised.

Stress reduces the amount of testosterone in the blood, which causes a drop in sexual desire. “Regular practise of breathing, muscular relaxation, mindfulness, or meditation can help control emotions” in these circumstances.

Toxic connections should be avoided.

It would help if you also avoided poisonous interactions on an emotional level. “Every connection must be one of the equals consented to by both parties, and free of coercion, extortion, or violence.”

Pleasure, sensitivity, and affection are all shared in a partnership. Separation from the other person is also a right that must be protected. It is the only way, according to the sexologist, to be consistent and acknowledge that the human person is free and responsible.

Enhance sexual knowledge

“Being aware of risk activities and the methods at our disposal to mitigate these risks is critical.” Knowing what constitutes a good connection and where to turn when a crisis arises.”

Experts concur and warn that a lack of knowledge about sexuality and our bodies hurts people’s sexual health. “We need to increase our self-awareness and psychoeducation about the factors that promote happiness, romantic and sexual development.”

Learn about each other.

Expert advises “knowing ourselves as sexed beings, knowing our body, learning to love ourselves, appreciate ourselves, like ourselves, and know how to express our eroticism so that we are satisfied, accepting all our differences” about the primary point.


According to the expert, the better the communication with the partner, the smaller the risk of sexual misunderstandings and the higher the chance of improving the quality of the erotic session. “Erotic communication is a potent aphrodisiac, and relational and emotional communication is a powerful neutralizer of potential sexual interferences.”

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